No more expectation of privacy in email

Per EasyDNS‘s recent “Things go better with crypto” (not https secured) announcement: “… all bets are now off in terms of expectation of privacy in your personal and business communications, so everybody who is concerned about it needs to start taking action on their own to reclaim that expectation.” While I applaud this initiative by […]

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Advanced infosec threats just waiting to be discovered

Wade Williamson writes this week on in an article The Wonder Years: Network Security Needs to Grow Up with this revealing quote: “As someone who gets to see a lot of enterprise networks, I can’t recall the last time we completed a full-stack analysis of all traffic and a behavioral analysis of unknown files […]

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Gioconda civil suit against Kenzie dropped

After nearly 17 months of litigation, pre-trial motions and negotiations, Gioconda Law Group of New York has agreed to drop all (seven) of its claims in the Federal Southern District Court of New York against the Managing Director of Securikai, Arthur Wesley Kenzie. This is a Dismissal With Prejudice, with both parties to the settlement […]

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from Space for dissent

RT from August newsletter worth passing along: Space for dissent ———————— It is a mistake to frame the recent US and European massive surveillance revelations in terms of the privacy of individuals. What is at stake is not privacy at all, but the power of the state over its citizenry. What surveillance really is, […]

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